My name is Nicholas S. Coleman.  I am an architect, a writer, and a thinker.  This website is a loose portfolio of my work, reflecting my thoughts, convictions, and interests, especially as they take on differing guises between offices and academia.

I am convinced that architecture is first and foremost a formal project, and that that form can take many different languages – from the classical to the abstractly modern.  The work on this website represents a dynamic synthesis of styles, even as one office may favor one stylistic mode over another.  My blog, frame offers a deeper gaze into my synthetic projects.  I implore you to take a gander.

As for my biography, I received my Bachelor of Architecture from the University of Southern California, continuing my studies by obtaining a Master of Architecture from Yale University.  After a two-year stint in Chicago with HBRA Architects, I returned to my native Southern California and joined DNA Architecture + Design. While the warmer weather gives me the opportunity to display my extensive bow-tie collection on a day-to-day basis, my fair-isle sweaters haven’t gotten much use.